Our company, Kalburogullari Gida,  which has been on the market for carob since 1985, continues to be based on the institutional identity since 2015.

Kalburoğulları Gıda Established in Kızılgüney Village, Antalya-Gazipaşa. We are processing and serving our products of molasses, carob weevil, carob pulp, thyme, sage, bay leaf, which is suitable for modern manufacturing conditions of 7,500 square meters of Alanya.

We have also completed our compliance with the International Organic Food Standards through ECOCERT cooperation.

"Respect for Nature and Humanity" We collect 100% organic products for you and make them ready for food consumption. We are always different for man and nature. We will continue to consume organic food with our business partners, our farmers and our personal